The Pasta Bible

The Pasta Bible

Christian Teubner
Publication Date: August 25, 209

Book Description

In a unique collaboration, Christian Teubner, the master pastry chef and world-renowned food photographer; Silvio Rizzi, European gourmet and food critic; and Tan Lee Leng, Chinese chef and food writer, have combined their knowledge and skills to produce this definitive cookbook: The Pasta Bible. The title of this book is no idle boast, for it is the most complete illustrated publication on Italian pasta and Oriental noodles that has ever been published in a single volume. Every conceivable type of pasta and noodle is described in the text and illustrated in the photographs. In addition to the comprehensive directory of dried noodles, pastas, gnocchi, and even dumplings – pasta secca – there are step-by-step instructions for making, cutting, and shaping fresh pastas – pasta fresca – at home. More than 150 recipes for soups and sauces, and pasta and noodle meals with cheese, vegetables, fish, meat, game, and poultry, and over 1,000 specially commissioned color photographs make it not only a valuable practical book for the kitchen but also a handsome gift for a friend or family member.

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