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  1. How it all began? With an American friend in Nicosia about 18 years ago teaching me about how bad for health and environment agricultural chemicals are.
  2. Why organic?  I had a small baby and wanted to be sure that he was fed natural food.  We had land and I asked my husband if we could cultivate it organically.
  3. Land and products: We are just outside Nikokleia village in Paphos.  We are cultivating a land area of about 6 skales.  Much of it is given over to vines, but we also have 25 olive trees of different varieties.  We also have peach and nectarine trees, figs, assorted citrus, plums, and mangoes.  We also maintain a vegetable garden although we no longer grow vegetables commercially.
  4. What’s your favorite product to grow? All (chuckles).
  5. What’s your favorite product to eat? Mangoes.
  6. Your message to our customers?  Support local organic growers as a way of taking control of your health and our environment.


Contact info:

Name:  Rachael Pettus

Address:  P O Box 61483, Kato Paphos, 8134

Phone:  99-414098

Email:  rachael@cytanet.com.cy

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