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«Herbs are my world», is a local company based in Cyprus that deals with, collects and processes organic herbs. Most of our herbs are cultivated in the hillside area of Troodos and the entire process is supervised by the herbalist George Ellinas. You can find our products in selected organic shops, and of course, in our shop in the traditional village Lofou in Limassol.

The herbs that are certified organic include endemic and rare species in the wild such as oregano, sage (helps in digestion and bowel rest), wild mint, savory (helps the stomach reflux), blessed thistle (helps to detoxify the liver), Italian helichrysum (helps to control low blood pressure), Xystaria-Cictus Incanus (tonic herb and helps to lower triglycerides), Agrioradiko-Chicory, Pomegranate blossom (stops diarrhea) and St. John’s wort (anti-depressive). Overall we collect more than 100 herbs and herbal blends which can be used as natural remedies in many diseases.

We also offer lessons on interactive Herbalism that are organized and presented by botanists. The lessons are available in Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia beginning from October (2014) and ending in May (2015). For those interested, certificates of attendance will be given at the end of the course from the Alphabet Life (Athens, Greece). The first part of the sessions include, but not limited to, recognition and classification of herbs (i.e., leaves, flowers bushes or tree trunks), their role and ways of use in our diet, as well as remedies for cough, sore throat, fever, flu and other diseases. A lesson for the use of Aloe Vera, almond leaves and various super foods like goji berries, acai seeds and many more is also included. In addition, we will cover the importance of water in our body and ways to improve its quality, including demonstration of water deionization and testing. Lastly, a visit to local organic shops and a tour to nature trails for different species identification is part of our sessions. This will provide participants a unique hands-on experience on recognizing, categorizing, processing and storing different herbs.

The second part will mostly touch upon the applications of herbs in personal health care and medicine. Here, we will talk about 50 medicinal herbs and describe their medicinal values. We will also study herbs that are mostly beneficial for men, women, children and different stages in our life such as conception, pregnancy, childhood, etc. Furthermore, we will get into the essential oils chapter and provide useful details on their origin and use in daily life. Then, we will cover the use of herbs and essential oils in preventing hair loss, depression, diabetes type II, cancer asthma, neck and back pain problems, etc. Lastly, we will present easy-to-make but delicious healthy recipes with extra focus on how to successfully introduce to your children healthy eating, how to prepare natural remedies and how to make your own skin care cream. On a slightly different note, we will teach you the tricks to release your body static electricity using methods like reflexology and sunbathing. A qualified reflexologist will provide you with the latest updates in reflexology and teach you unique experiential exercises. A final exam will be offered for those interested in getting a certified diploma.

Trips to nature trails as well as many other organized tours and related events in the Platres, Akamas and other areas in Cyprus are available. All trips and events are lead by George Ellinas (Board of the Herb Society of Cyprus) and other expert botanists. For info please contact us.

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Hearbs are my world

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