Reduce inflammation and prevent disease by touching the earth

Earthing for better health

Walking barefoot in the water’s edge, on a serene summer’s evening, is nothing short of heavenly. It gives a tingly feeling of lightness and well being. But it offers us with a lot more than that – a possibility to create real inner balance. Earthing has always been a natural part of our lives, before we started to shut ourselves off from the earth and it’s healing powers. Before we switched to rubber soles, before skyscrapers and tarmacked cities, plastic and other unconductive surroundings, earthing was a natural ingredient in our day to day lives.

When we are in direct contact with the surface of the earth, negatively charged free electrons, or negative ions flow into our bodies. Because our bodies strive to reach the same electric current as the earth, a natural balancing process starts to take place that gives our immune system a great boost. But we actually don´t spend that much time being connected. By wearing plastic and rubber soles, walking on tarmac or cement, spending time indoors, and riding our car everywhere, won’t do the trick.

Allergy and asthma is sky rocketing and there is also a dramatic increase of diseases like arthritis, diabetes, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and some forms of cancer. Among other reasons for that, is the lack of daily earthing, also called grounding.


Inflammation – We´ve got way too much of it!

Chronic inflammation is a contributing factor in many diseases. Inflammation itself is a brilliant function orchestrated by our immune system in order to attack any kind of foreign invaders (e.g., viruses and bacteria), or help parts of our body that need to heal. Easily explained, when needed, the body produces white blood cells and sends them to the affected area. That´s all well and good, but when the inflammation doesn’t fade several problems arise.  Instead of stopping the inflammation when it has filled its purpose, the immune system turns it up. The free radicals, or positively charged ions start attacking healthy tissues, like a full blown mutiny. Positive ions are always looking for negative ions in order to create balance. Lack of negative ions results to excess positive ions, a condition that can lead to the deleterious chronic state of inflammation in our body. What used to be our first line of defense has now become our enemy. Chronic inflammation can be triggered by several factors including poor diet, excess weight, lack of exercise, stress, smoking, poor oral health, and high alcohol consumption.


Inner Balance on tap

An interesting and easy way to reduce inflammation and stop white blood cells from attacking their own cells/tissues is to provide them with negative ions from outside our bodies, or else called “earth” our body. This will create a balance and will therefore prevent white blood cells from attacking and killing our own healthy cells/tissue. When you earth yourself, the positively charged ions get what they so desperately are seeking – to neutralize themselves with negative ions. When that neutralization happens in the body, the break down process stops and inflammation starts to decline.

We are meant to be in direct contact with the earth far more than we are. The sole of our foot contains 200 nerve endings per square centimeter and can therefore easily extract energy from the earth, just like the roots of a plant do. A non conductive sole (e.g., rubber or plastic), which is basically in all shoes, isolates our connection with the earth and inhibits ion exchange between our body and the earth. An alternative material to this is leather and leather shoes, which allow for this ion exchange as it’s a material with good conductivity.


Research on earthing

The research findings on the benefits of earthing are promising, as they suggest that it reduces inflammation. In addition, they suggest that the time of recovery from acute trauma, minor damage, and exhaustion can be speeded up by being earthed. Some types of headaches disappeared within minutes and chronic pain was reduced within 20-40 minutes.

Interestingly enough, studies also found that earthed bodies are protected from electromagnetic radiation. The effects of electromagnetic radiation on our health are still debated, but there are some indications that exposure to it has some impact on our health.  However, when we keep ourselves earthed, we create an extra shield of protection around us, which bounces the radiation to travel around us instead of through us.

Studies have also shown that our muscles relax and tend to function on a more optimal level when the body is being earthed. Also, our muscles do get good rest and recovery while being earthed. Even cortisol (stress hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone) levels get normalized by earthing, which is really important because both hormones can have a direct impact on our overall well being.


Make a habit of connecting

It is important to connect with earth regularly in order to be able to benefit from the effects of earthing. We need a continuously flow of negative ions to be able to maintain that great balance that emerges when we are connected with the earth. To be earthed is not a luxury but a state in which we are meant to be. We normally live in houses that are isolated from the nature, and we spend a lot of time indoors instead of going out and enjoy the benefits of being in nature. When you find yourself taking a relaxing walk in the water´s edge next time, note that tingly feeling in the soles of your feet and the warmth travelling up your legs. Earthing helps us maintain a good balance in our body and reduce chronic inflammation. It also helps relief chronic pain, and speed up recovery process. Earthing is a great gift to our self and an excellent motivation to re-connect with our origins, the miracle of nature.


Credit: Pia Andrea is a freelance journalist who has moved from Sweden to beautiful Cyprus. Pia’s passion lies in how we can live our best life ever and she writes about physical and mental health and personal development. In addition to being a journalist, Pia worked for Sweden’s biggest wholesaler where her mission was to promote consumption of organic and fair trade foods.

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