Andreas Kateifides

M.D., PhD.

My name is Andreas Kateifides. After obtaining the degree of medicine at the University of Crete I continued my studies in the “Cellular and Genetic Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Human Diseases” graduate program of the Medical School of the University of Crete where I received an MSc and PhD. The last five years I was a research associate at the Molecular Genetics lab at Boston University School of Medicine were I analysed the pathway of biogenesis of HDL “good cholesterol” by mutations of its main protein, apolipoprotein A-I. It is my pleasure to be a part of this group and share with to the members of this community insights on ways to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Despo Ierodiakonou


My name is Despo Ierodiakonou. Born in Cyprus, I studied medicine in Greece (University of Crete, Greece 2007). Health issues have always triggered my attention but in the last years of my studies I understood the importance of Epidemiology. As a medical doctor and afterwards as a graduate of MSc. in Environmental Health (CII-HSPH, Cyprus 2009) I have realized that the field of epidemiology is the field that fascinates me the most. Epidemiological research techniques are specifically used for investigations into the etiology, the diagnosis, and the prognosis of disease in humans. Since 2009 I am a PhD candidate at the University Medical Center Groningen where I work in team of clinicians, epidemiologists, geneticists and pathologists, and recently I have become a registered epidemiologist in the Netherlands. My research is focused on the genetic and environmental (smoking, air pollution, medication, diet) determinants of the severity of asthma. Currently I am analyzing the adverse health effects of air pollution in children (with asthma). My future plans are to become a doctor with methodological and epidemiological expertise besides the standard medical and clinical knowledge and to contribute to public health interventions and initiatives in order to promote human health and wellbeing.
My motto of life is: “Keep life green, healthy and beautiful!”

Antonis Ioannou

M.D., M.Sc.

My name is Antonis Ioannou. I have graduated with an MD degree from the University of Crete Medical School in 2009. I successfully completed a Master’s degree in “The Molecular Basis of Human Disease”. Since 2010, I am working as a post-doc research fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School. My research area has to do with intestinal inflammation and the immunological response. I am extremely happy to be a part of this group and have the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for a better and healthier life. Achieving a nutritional well being and a healthy life style has been a passion of mine for many years.

Giovanna Arianoglou


I am a neuroscientist and currently I am a PhD candidate in University of Athens. Science won me but my true love is writing so I am here because of this. Healthy way wasn’t my way during my whole life but it is starting to taking control of it since I found out the benefits. I think that good biology makes our life easier, healthier and more happy so I would like to understand more and share them with others.


Georgios Pyrgiotakis


I am a food enthusiast for the last 15 years or so and therefore I enjoy everything about food. I got my PhD on Materials Science and Engineering. Food is nothing but materials and really the physics and chemistry behind making a new alloy and tempering chocolate is not that different. The science of the emulsion and microemulsion is not different from the science of salad dressing, whipped cream and espresso. I love to bust or confirm food myths.

Kyriaki Liadaki


My name is Kyriaki Liadaki. I graduated with a Biology degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2004. I completed a Master’s degree in “Clinical Applications of Molecular Medicine” in 2008 and a Ph.D in “Immunology” in 2011. The last two years I have been doing research at Childrens Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School on immunodeficiency, a state in which the immune system’s ability to fight infectious disease is compromised or entirely absent. I am aware that it is an everyday challenge to supply our body with all the necessary components and keep our organism in constant balance.

Argyris Hadjimichael

Medical Student

My name is Argyris Hadjimichael.I’m a medical student in the 5th year of Medical School at Crete. Next year i will graduate.In my opinion a doctor has to work and care for the public not only in the hospital rooms but also outside in the society and try to get closed to common problems that all people face each day,and give advices. I choose to participate in Cyprus Organics as i believe is a direct way to inform people and have a helpful feedback,in order to become better in our health services. Also i’m very excited cause this site has great authors and closed friends that are very dedicated in research in medical topics.I love writing very much, so i hope that we will become great comrades and meet persons that have same interests with me.


Marietta Tarapoulouzi


My name is Marietta Tarapoulouzi. In 2009, I have received my bachelor degree from the Department of Chemistry, of the University of Cyprus. In September 2010, I graduated from the Department of Biosciences of the University of Birmingham (UK), specialized in Toxicology. After that, I have worked at the State General Laboratory in Cyprus, in the laboratory of Veterinary Drug Residues.
Currently, I am a young researcher at GAIA, Laboratory of Environmental Engineering of the University of Cyprus. My research interests encompass issues relating to ecotoxicology, and focus on the evaluation of the effects of pharmaceuticals to organisms and humans using advanced bioassays.
I am a follower of the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle, since my childhood. I firmly believe that “the dose makes the poison”, as the “father” of toxicology (called Paracelsus) said. If you have any questions about chemical toxicity as well as human health, you can contact me at:

Michael Apostolides

Medical Student

My name is Michael Apostolides and I’m a 4th year medical student at the University of Crete Medical School. I’m excited to participate in this group as I am given the opportunity to share thoughts, knowledge and up to date data concerning a healthier lifestyle. It is said that “We are what we eat” and for many years now scientists have indeed proven the great impact that nutrition has on one’s quality of life. Nonetheless eating healthy should not be held as identical to healthy lifestyle, but as an essential element of it, the other element being physical exercise.


Miling Li


My name is Miling Li. I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree at Harvard School of Public Health. Before coming to Harvard, I was dual degree Master’s student in Aquatic Science and Environmental Health Sciences at University of Michigan. My main research interest lies in exploring risks of environmental chemicals for aquatic ecosystems and human health. The current research topic is closely related to seafood safety. As a foodie and ‘novel’ cook, I am always aware of food safety & quality as well as human lifestyle. I believe a healthy lifestyle with smart food choice can not only benefit individual’s welfare but make the world a better place to live for human beings.


Shahir Masri


I am currently a doctoral student at the School of Public Health at Harvard University. At present, I hold a Masters of Science degree from Harvard University in the field of environmental health and a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in the field of environmental science. As part of the department of environmental health at Harvard, I specialize in exposure, epidemiology, and risk assessment. At the moment, I am involved in a research project aimed at quantifying the health effects associated with fish consumption. This study takes into account harmful toxicants such as methyl mercury, PCBs, and organochlorine pesticides which are often found in fish tissue, as well as beneficial nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids which are also found in fish. In addition to research, I am also involved in public speaking. Topics which I often cover include climate change, urban smog, indoor air pollution, atmospheric chemistry, etc.

Natassa Konstantinou

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