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An introduction to Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is a premium, stone-ground powdered green tea used in the traditional Chinese and Japanese tea ceremony. Few weeks before harvest, matcha plants are grown under shade. This process forces the plant to produce higher levels of caffeine and amino acids (e.g., theanine). At harvest, the stems and veins are being removed from the leaves which are then processed into fine powder. According to the 12th century Zen priest Eisai, who introduced the tea to Japan, Matcha is “the ultimate mental and medical remedy and has the ability to make one’s life more full and complete”.

What makes Matcha Green Tea so special?

  1. It is packed with antioxidants
    The high levels of antioxidants found in Matcha are probably its primary health benefit and make it one of the best superfoods. They protect the body against tissue damage, have anti-inflammatory properties, strengthen the immune system and do much, much more.
  1. It facilitates weight loss
    For those trying to slim down, Matcha supports weight loss in a number of ways. It boosts metabolism and enhances fat oxidation, meaning you burn more calories and fat, as well as decreases appetite and fat absorption.
  1. It makes your skin glow
    Also known as the Japanese anti-aging secret, Matcha has been shown to improve skin elasticity and acts as a natural sunscreen to protect against damaging UV sunlight, making sure skin looks young, revitalised and healthy.
  1. It reduces stress and anxiety
    Matcha is full of L-theanine, a natural plant-based substance that reduces the stress hormone cortisol. This lowers anxiety levels while increasing concentration, focus and alpha brain waves known for inducing relaxation.
  1. It gives an energy boost without the jitters
    The combination of caffeine and L-theanine means that Matcha releases energy gradually so that you feel both calm and alert for up to five hours without the jitters and crash associated with coffee.
  1. It is extremely versatile.
    On top of enjoying a cup or bowl of tea, you can put a scoop of power in almost anything, from your breakfast porridge to your mid-morning smoothie, there are endless ways to enjoy Matcha.


Where can I find it in Cyprus?

You can order the highest quality organic Matcha Green Tea at EvZin Bio Cyprus. You are literally a click away!

Discover all the benefits of Matcha Green Tea and let it make your life better!


Thyroid dysfunctions

Thyroid problems, especially hypothyroidism, are common problems worldwide. Many people are undiagnosed or are not receiving the right medical treatment. However, with the right knowledge and understanding, thyroid issues can both be prevented and treated effectively.

When the thyroid gland fails, it either becomes overactive leading to hyperthyroidism or underactive leading to hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is the most common adverse effect and can occur at any age. It can be congenital, and there although it is observed in both genders, it is more common in women in their 40s and during or after menopause.

What is the thyroid and what does it do?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the front of the neck, just below the larynx. It is responsible for the production of thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), which regulate how the body extracts energy from food. Read more

Reduce inflammation and prevent disease by touching the earth

Earthing for better health

Walking barefoot in the water’s edge, on a serene summer’s evening, is nothing short of heavenly. It gives a tingly feeling of lightness and well being. But it offers us with a lot more than that – a possibility to create real inner balance. Earthing has always been a natural part of our lives, before we started to shut ourselves off from the earth and it’s healing powers. Before we switched to rubber soles, before skyscrapers and tarmacked cities, plastic and other unconductive surroundings, earthing was a natural ingredient in our day to day lives.

When we are in direct contact with the surface of the earth, negatively charged free electrons, or negative ions flow into our bodies. Because our bodies strive to reach the same electric current as the earth, a natural balancing process starts to take place that gives our immune system a great boost. But we actually don´t spend that much time being connected. By wearing plastic and rubber soles, walking on tarmac or cement, spending time indoors, and riding our car everywhere, won’t do the trick.

Allergy and asthma is sky rocketing and there is also a dramatic increase of diseases like arthritis, diabetes, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and some forms of cancer. Among other reasons for that, is the lack of daily earthing, also called grounding. Read more

Focus on Nutrition – 7 Simple Tips for a New Healthy Lifestyle

New Healthy Lifestyle

Have you decided to adopt a new healthy lifestyle? Great decision! But what to do with your diet? Making these simple changes will take you a long way in reaching your new lifestyle, which will make you feel healthy and balanced. The key is to make “healthy” a habit, starting from today.

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Changing to a Healthy Lifestyle – Start with 5 Easy Steps

Changing to a healthy lifestyle – start with 5 easy steps

Let’s start with the truth: changing to a healthier lifestyle is one of the best decisions you can make. Regardless of your age, your weight, and your genes, there’s no denying of the health benefits of a balanced diet and physical exercise.

For many of us, the hardest part is getting started, as the switch to a healthy lifestyle may feel overwhelming. The good news is that this change can, and should start with small steps, that grow into habit, and in this way have a big impact on your health, for the rest of your life.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you get started: Read more

What You Didn’t Know About Rice -Tips to Lower Arsenic Levels-

An element with widely recognized toxicity, arsenic is most often associated with groundwater contamination, particularly in places such as India. However, mounting evidence suggests that exposures in the United States are not to be trivialized. This is true in spite of the decades-old Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Safe Drinking Water Act. How can this be? Because arsenic in water isn’t the issue for most Americans, it’s the arsenic in food. And currently no U.S. regulations exist for monitoring arsenic in food. What is the main food to look out for, you ask? Unfortunately, a food that has become a staple in our diets; that is, rice. And among rice crops grown around the world, U.S. rice has the highest arsenic levels. In this article, I’ll discuss why that is and what specifically the health effects of arsenic exposure are. I’ll then highlight how you can reduce your arsenic exposure without having to abandon your favorite rice dishes. Read more

Herbs are my world

«Herbs are my world», is a local company based in Cyprus that deals with, collects and processes organic herbs. Most of our herbs are cultivated in the hillside area of Troodos and the entire process is supervised by the herbalist George Ellinas. You can find our products in selected organic shops, and of course, in our shop in the traditional village Lofou in Limassol.

The herbs that are certified organic include endemic and rare species in the wild such as oregano, sage (helps in digestion and bowel rest), wild mint, savory (helps the stomach reflux), blessed thistle (helps to detoxify the liver), Italian helichrysum (helps to control low blood pressure), Xystaria-Cictus Incanus (tonic herb and helps to lower triglycerides), Agrioradiko-Chicory, Pomegranate blossom (stops diarrhea) and St. John’s wort (anti-depressive). Overall we collect more than 100 herbs and herbal blends which can be used as natural remedies in many diseases.

Read more

From Vegas to Asia: Self-Sustainability Across the Globe

As a commercial contractor, I have had many opportunities to see the construction and implementation of green building materials. The process by which companies use these materials in order to become LEED-certified is fascinating. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a program that verifies green buildings, homes, neighborhoods and communities. While these facilities are impressive, my real interests lie amongst those eco-conscious individuals who use the buildings on which I work. From what I can tell, there is more to the environmental story than simply the construction of LEED-certified structures.

In other parts of the world, awards are given to those abiding by a sustainable environment. For example, in Asia, an accommodation provider known as The Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards recognizes categories such as community development and engagement, protection of natural areas and/or wildlife conservation, cultural preservation and resource efficiency. These categories cover a number of “going green” acts including serving homegrown, local foods and installing showerheads and faucets with automatic shut-off valves to conserve water. Read more

Πασχαλινά Αυγά Βαμμένα Με Φυσικές Χρωστικές

Easter Eggs

Φέτος είναι η χρονιά να βάψετε τα πασχαλινά σας αυγά χρησιμοποιώντας χρωστικές που μας χαρίζει απλόχερα η φύση. Ξεχάστε τις χημικές χρωστικές ουσίες και ακολουθήστε μας σε ένα διαφορετικό, απλό και απόλυτα φυσικό τρόπο βαφής των πασχαλινών σας αυγών, σε όλα τα χρώματα της Ίριδας.

Θα χρειαστείτε:

– Αυγά (κατά προτίμηση λευκά)

– Φυσικές χρωστικές ουσίες*

– Λευκό ξύδι


Βράστε τα αυγά σας από το προηγούμενο βράδυ και τοποθετήστε τα στο ψυγείο. Ετοιμάστε την χρωστική σας (ανάλογα με την επιλογή σας)*, περάστε την από ένα σουρωτήρι και προσθέστε το ξύδι (2 κουταλάκια τσαγιού για κάθε λίτρο νερού). Βυθίσετε τα αυγά σας στην κατσαρόλα με τη χρωστική και αφήστε τα να βράσουν για 15-20 λεπτά. Απομακρύνετε την κατσαρόλα από τη φωτιά και αφήστε την μέχρι να έρθει σε θερμοκρασία δωματίου. Βγάλτε προσεκτικά τα αυγά και αφήστε τα να στεγνώσουν. Τα αυγά σας είναι έτοιμα!

Read more

Σοκολάτα… Το “Φαγητό των Θεών”

Chocolate with ingredients

Σοκολάτα… Το όνομά της έχει συνδυαστεί κυρίως με τις βλαβερές σε σχέση με την υγεία ιδιότητές της, παρ’όλα αυτά τις τελευταίες δεκαετίες αποκαλύπτονται όλο και περισσότερα οφέλη από την κατανάλωσή της. Η αλήθεια είναι πως όντως η συχνή κατανάλωση σοκολάτας μπορεί να αποβεί ιδιαίτερα βλαβερή μακροχρόνια, αυτό όμως ισχύει για όλα τα είδη σοκολάτας στον ίδιο βαθμό; Ή υπάρχει κάποιο είδος σοκολάτας που να μπορεί να δράσει προστατευτικά, μειώνοντας έτσι τον κίνδυνο εμφάνισης ορισμένων ασθενειών;

Η λέξη “σοκολάτα” έχει τις ρίζες της στο “xocalati” (μεταφράζεται σε “πικρό νερό”), μια λέξη προερχόμενη από τους Αζτέκους, οι οποίοι την χρησιμοποιούσαν για την παρασκευή ενός ποτού. Την πρώτη ύλη για τη σοκολάτα αποτελεί το cocoa ή cacao, ο καρπός του δέντρου Theobroma cacao ή κακαόδεντρο (Theobroma = φαγητό των θεών). Το κακαόδεντρο πρωτοκαλλιεργήθηκε στη Ν. Αμερική από τη φυλή Olmecs, τους πρώτους κατοίκους του σημερινού Μεξικού, το 1500 π.Χ. Εκτός από τη χρήση του στην μαγειρική, το cacao χρησιμοποιήθηκε και ως νόμισμα στην Κεντρική Αμερική πρίν από την άφιξη των Ισπανών. Read more

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    An introduction to Matcha Green Tea
    Matcha is a premium, stone-ground powdered green tea used in the traditional Chinese and Japanese tea ceremony. Few weeks before harvest, matcha plants are grown under shade. This process forces the plant to produce higher levels of caffeine and amino acids (e.g., theanine). At harvest, the...


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