Matcha Superfood Breakfast

Matcha Superfood Breakfast

SERVINGS: 1 bowl

READY IN: 10 min.

If you are among those people who wake up full of energy and are ready to take over the world from 6:30 am, you are lucky! If you wish you had another 10 minutes in bed, every single morning, this breakfast is what you need to make you feel brand new and ready to attack the day! In any case, this Matcha recipe will fill your body and boots full of nutrients, boost your energy levels sky high and beat the morning bloat!


100 ml almond or coconut milk
1/2 kiwi
30g granola or oats
1 tsp. of Superior | Every Day Organic Matcha
5-8 coconut flakes
1 tsp.honey
30g blueberries
Optional: Chia, flax and/or pumpkin seeds, mint leaves, any fresh fruits


Blend in a mixer the almond milk, the Matcha and the honey
When well blended our in a bowl
Top with the rest of the ingredients as well as anything you fancy!
Enjoy and get filled with energy!
Start creating delicious Matcha recipes today with our 100% Organic Japanese Matcha!

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