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Healthy Lifestyle

Who doesn’t want a healthy and balanced life? Well, you know that the answer is so easy, but yet, the effort needed is much more hard and difficult. ‘Healthy LifeStyle’ term is, nowadays, freely used as an umbrella term that covers every single aspect of our daily life that could potentially affect our health. From nutrition and healthy/unhealthy eating, to exercise habits and weight control, to sexual and psychological health, to even gestational healthiness, which affects both baby’s and mother’s short and long term health status. A person following a healthy lifestyle is usually pictured as non-smoker, with a balanced diet and weight, and who’s exercising on a daily basis. Do you think you know enough to assemble and complete this puzzle? The answer is once again so easy. But in practice is once again so challenging for all of us. The first and easiest step for all of us to be able to follow this day-by-day growing era of all healthy lifestyle topics information is to know the basics.

Diet and Nutrition:
Simple steps make the difference. Get to know well the food categories and their importance in your diet. Be able to identify the most beneficial and harmful for your health status. Be a bit more sophisticated about fat, calories, vitamins, metals and other specific nutrients. Do you have high cholesterol and blood pressure or iron and vitamins deficiency? Then make sure you follow a diet low in salt, cholesterol and saturated fat, rich in iron and vitamins, respectively. Become friends with water, tea, juice, coffee, wine and beer and get informed about their beneficial value and the risks that could arise from their consumption. ‘We are what we eat and drink’; and indeed we are. We blindly support the message of this phrase and we aim to inform people about why they have to avoid calorie-bomb, salty, fatty and sugary food products and why they have to shift and stick with healthier food choices and cooking methods. Scientific advice and support should always be asked by your personal doctor and dietitian.
Exercise and fitness:
Including any type of physical activity to your daily life is undoubtedly one of the best boosts for your health. It’s well established that exercising could be beneficial for your health by controlling your body weight, reducing your risk of chronic diseases (i.e. obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer), strengthening your body structure (bones and muscles) and improving your body and soul balance. It is recommended that at least 75 and 150 minutes of vigorous and moderate aerobic exercise respectively per week is ideal. In addition, strength exercises at least 2 times per week are also suggested for a more holistic fitness program. Set your goals according to your personal interests, make a list of the sport activities you are interested in, make sure you include a variety of different types of activities in your weekly schedule and be patient about the results. People with known health problems must contact their personal doctor and trainer and create together an effective and safe fitness program.
The phrase ‘we are what we eat’ is one of the most widely used and known, regarding diet and health and we do believe in the message of it. In addition though, we extend this phrase because we do also believe that not only are we what we eat, but we are what we drink, what we breathe and more interestingly, what our parents and grandparents ate, drunk or breathed. Someone could raise, and reasonably, a question about how our parents/ grandparents life style could affect our health status, one or more generations after? That is a question to be analyzed and answered via our Healthy LifeStyle Blog and its series of articles that will be daily/weekly posted.
As an extension to the previous paragraph, we would like to raise, to all of you, this simple question. Even if you follow a healthy life style, let’s say a healthy diet, do you really know that what you and your family consume is free of pesticides, growth hormones, heavy metals, endocrine disrupters or any other toxicants? Communicating scientific information, digestible by every single person is one of the first goals of this site. And we do believe that only through the right information and holistic approach we can lead the way forward to a meaningful healthy life style and promote healthy living communities.

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